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Gadget News: 11.11.11

Gadget News | over 2 years ago

Here's Dionne with the latest Gadget News.

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Playstation Vita delayed until 2012.

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Gadget News: 11.07.11

This is The Gadget Show Web TV News.

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As a show that champions new tech. I can't believe you can't watch the web shows on the iPad....... Its been out nearly two years, Come on channel 5. It's nearly 2012.

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11-11-11 just a symbol..

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who is this Dionne person??

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David Palfreyman

Dear Gadget show, I need a new card reader and I'm surprised to find that they all have different down load speeds. have you done a product test on which are the fastest card readers on the market and if so what are they. if not is this a potential feature? I'd certainly be interested in the results. yours, Dave Palfreyman

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