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Series 16 Episode 7

On TV Monday 26 September 2011

Ortis and Pollyanna go head to head in the Burger Van challenge cooking up a feast for some hungry festival goers.

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Videos in this episode

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  • Burger Van Challenge: Full Challenge  
  • Burger Van Challenge: Part 1  
  • Burger Van Challenge: Part 2  
  • WiFi Around The Home  
  • Translation Apps  
  • Camera Accessories  
  • Burger Van Challenge: Part 3  
  • THe Gadget Show Competition: 26.09.11  

Burger Van Challenge: Part 1

Ortis and Pollyanna begin the Burger Van challenge by heading off in separate directions to test their kitchen gadgets.

Internet Around The Home

Jason looks at the best ways to get the Internet Around your home.

Translation Apps

Jon travels to Italy and proves he's a cunning linguist by testing the very latest translation apps.

Camera Accessories

Suzi gets snapping away testing the best Camera Accessories to bring you the Top 5.

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why isn't it up yet it finished nearly 2 hours ago?

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More like 2 days ago and still isn't online!!

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Matthew Porter

Where's episode 8? It's still not on here, the full episode that is, but that's what I want to watch - not individual bits and pieces.

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