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Kindle Fire

First Look | over 2 years ago

Here it is; Jon has got his hands on the Kindle Fire for a Web TV Exclusive First Look.

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Just seen the new video of the kindle fire...or should i say i would have seen it had i not been using an ipad. It is such a shame that the best tech show on tv has a website thats content is not available to people using the most popular tablet on the which your own presenters use too. Very disapointed

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The fact you cannot watch this show on an ipad is apple's fault not the Gadget show, this is how the ipad was designed without flash, such a precious and supposedly fab object, cannot even do this simple task

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You say no 3G and only 8Gb of storage but fail to mention the cloud service included free of charge with the fire. that's a pretty massive omission. come along Jon, pay attention,

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To colin who does not capitalise his first letter of his name I am afraid it is annoying. Other web sites do it(gametrailers etc) so its sad that a tech savvy website is unable to do it. What you have to understand is that there is alot of iPad users, you need to take your personal opinion of the company/product out of the equation and appreciate that people including me use said product and want to see the content on the website. On a kind of side note what was the review like does he rate the product? Could be very interesting when it hits our shores in about 2 years.

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why cant i view the video for the kindle fire? its always saying that its unavailable!

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Cant understand why the video is restricted to overseas countries. I keep getting a message 'Cannot be viewed from your current location'.

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Can you not watch The Gadget Show using skyfire web browser? It claims to be able to play flash video clips. Its about 5 pound on the app store. You will have to check with someone who uses it though, my i device is currently unavailable.

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